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Plants and Jungle

Groove Flora promises floral and botanical design, as well as

event services.

We like to collaborate on creative projects and special occasions.


Beautiful and unique flower designs and arrangements for your special moment. A meaningful joy of colours, shapes and smells.

Boho Bouquet
Flower boho bouquet

Transform your space with plants and create a cozy, vibrant and wellbeing atmosphere with the special touch of lush green.

Holistic and abstract installations with flowers and plants for your venue. Highlight your space or event with an impressive creation that takes you to nirvana.

Flower arrangement
Floral Installation
Dried Flowers


Groove Flora upcoming

// 25.02.24 Permanent Floral Installation at Seaproperty. Ferrel, Portugal

// 08.06.24 Floral Event Design for the Streetfood Festival. Zurich, Switzerland.

// 18.07.24 Floral Installation for the new Rosé Bar at the Rundfunk Festival. Zurich, Switzerland.

Floral Installation
Permanent Istallation


Flower Crown


"Use us [plants] better immediately! Cover your cities with plants, not just in parks, flowerbeds, roadsides, in gardens and on terraces, but wrap every possible surface in plants.[...] Transform your cities into urban jungles and the benefits you will receive will be incalculable." (Stefano Mancuso - Epilogue "Nation of Plants")


Groove Flora is a powerful, awakening, multi-sensory journey through nature and art with a lush green aesthetic and vital atmosphere. Flora was a goddess of spring and flowering plants, while groove is slang for movement associated with music, dance and art.

Bringing us to diving in the rhythm of organic flow, ever-changing colour palettes and appreciating nature’s beauty by taking these features as the core of inspiration, Groove Flora promises floral and botanical design, as well as event services. The result is a unique creation in perfect tune with the natural cycles and with an entirely organic yet vibrant style. 


Based in Baleal, Portugal and founded in 2019 by Denize Egger on the principle of creating spaces that bring us back to a sense of connection to our Eden. Her inspiration took on another form of dimension after a trip to Mexico, where she would find cities and venues, houses and parks covered in plants and flowers.

Therefor, her broad botanical knowledge allows her to approach the project with a tailored yet holistic process of creation. 

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