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Floral Installation for a music event at the Surfers Lodge in Baleal

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs  including flower bouquets, seedbombs, flowergrams & even subscription plans for regular deliveries.

Choose from our pre-designed bouquets or customize your own by telling us your preferred flowers and colors. If you're interested in a subscription plan, you can sign up for our abo option, and we'll deliver fresh flowers to your doorstep regularly.


Beautiful flowers for your home or venue, for a wedding or as a gift. Tell us your desires and we create a wonderful bouquet for any occasion.

from 35,00 €

seed bombs

5,00 €

The wildflower seedbombs contain seeds in a ball made of natural clay to create flower meadows to attract butterflies and bees. Perfect for your vegetable garden or simply for areas, that need some love and some wildness. 

Flowergram made with dried flowers and driftwood

from 20,00 €

Flowergrams are great gift ideas for a permanent floral decoration. Using dried flowers embedded in a unique piece of driftwood give your space the special touch of love it needs.


from 80,00 €

Subscribe for a regular delivery of seasonal and unique flower arrangements for your home, business or venue. For more information, contact us.



Request now and let us bring the beauty of flowers into your life!

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